Brazilian popular music & globalization

Brazilian popular music & globalization / edited by Charles A. Perrone & Christopher Dunn.
Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2001.
xii, 288 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
1. "Chiclete com Banana": Internationalization in Brazilian Popular Music / Charles A. Perrone and Christopher Dunn
2. Carmen Mirandadada / Caetano Veloso
3. Myth, Melopeia, and Mimesis: Black Orpheus, Orfeu, and Internationalization in Brazilian Popular Music / Charles A. Perrone
4. Tropicalia, Counterculture, and the Diasporic Imagination in Brazil / Christopher Dunn
5. Globalizing Caetano Veloso: Globalization as Seen through a Brazilian Pop Prism / Liv Sovik
6. Cannibals, Mutants, and Hipsters: The Tropicalist Revival / John J. Harvey
7. Defeated Rallies, Mournful Anthems, and the Origins of Brazilian Heavy Metal / Idelber Avelar
8. The Localization of Global Funk in Bahia and in Rio / Livio Sansone
9. World of Fantasy, Fantasy of the World: Geographic Space and Representation of Identity in the Carnival of Salvador, Bahia / Milton Araujo Moura
10. Songs of Olodum: Ethnicity, Activism, and Art in a Globalized Carnival Community / Piers Armstrong
11. "Fogo na Babilonia": Reggae, Black Counterculture, and Globalization in Brazil / Osmundo de Araujo Pinho
12. Reggae and Samba-Reggae in Bahia: A Case of Long-Distance Belonging / Antonio J. V. dos Santos Godi
13. Black or Brau: Music and Subjectivity in a Global Context / Ari Lima
14. Turned-Around Beat: Maracatu de Baque Virado and Chico Science / Larry Crook
15. Self-Discovery in Brazilian Popular Music: Mestre Ambrosio / John Murphy
16. "Good Blood in the Veins of This Brazilian Rio," or a Cannibalist Transnationalism / Frederick Moehn.
Includes bibliographical references, discographies and index.
0813018218 (acid-free paper)
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