The Fujimori legacy : the rise of electoral authoritarianism in Peru

The Fujimori legacy : the rise of electoral authoritarianism in Peru / edited by Julio F. Carrión.
University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, 2006.
xiii, 362 p. ; 24 cm.
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1. The rise and decline of Fujimori's neopopulist leadership / Kurt Weyland
2. An authoritarian presidency : how and why did presidential power run amok in Fujimori's Peru? / Philip Mauceri
3. Fujimori and the mayors of Lima, 1990-2001 : the impact and legacy of neopopulist rule / Robert R. Barr and Henry Dietz
4. Do parties matter? : lessons from the Fujimori experience / Kenneth M. Roberts
5. The immoral economy of Fujimorismo / Catherine M. Conaghan
6. Public opinion, market reforms, and democracy in Fujimori's Peru / Julio F. Carrion
7. All the president's women : Fujimori and gender equity in Peruvian politics / Gregory D. Schmidt
8. Redirection of Peruvian economic strategy in the 1990s : gains, losses, and clues for the future / John Sheahan
9. Against the odds : the paradoxes of Peru's economic recovery in the 1990s / Carol Wise
10. The often surprising outcomes of asymmetry in international affairs : United States-Peru relations in the 1990s / David Scott Palmer
11. Electoral authoritarian versus partially democratic regimes : the case of the Fujimori government and the 2000 elections / Cynthia McClintock
12. Endogenous regime breakdown : the Vladivideo and the fall of Peru's Fujimori / Maxwell A. Cameron
Conclusion : the rise and fall of electoral authoritarianism in Peru / Julio F. Carrion
App. Peru, 1990-2000 : a basic chronology.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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